Here is one of my most wanted cans!! Could use one in any Condition!!
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I hope you enjoy this site as it is one of my PERSONEL FAVORITES!!
Please feel free to add a story to this site and I will post it here! All I need is a picture and a story in your own words. I MUST THANK everyone again for contributing there Great Beer Can Finds as we all enjoy reading about them
Silver Growlers found by Barry Travis--1976
Super photo and a Great Story! Who knew it was pronounced Glix!

Cone Tops used as fishing bobbers by Barry Travis
This story will knock your socks off as it did mine when I first read it!!

The Rosalie find by Dan Baker

Peter Doegler Opening Inst. found by Steve Gordon
A nice indoor find back in 1983!!

Kansas Find by Steve Gordon
A Great Indoor find of Cone and Flat Tops from the midwest!

Pabst Export OI's found by Brent Gesland 1979
5 cases found in a garage in Nebraska. Possibly the largest known indoor find of these cans!