Here is one of my most wanted cans!! Could use one in any Condition!!
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Great Beer Can Finds
Peter Doelger OI's found by Steve Gordon
Steve Gordon is from the Washington DC area(Maryland)and is a member of the BCCA and the Rusty Bunch Chapter.

A friend of my father's (whom I'd mentioned my hobby to numerous times)frequently went to estate sales, yard sales, thrift shops, etc. to look for items to buy and resell for a profit. She was at an estate sale in Washington DC (around 1983 or so) and ran across 3 Grade A1+ Peter Doelger cans. She didn't know what they were but she figured she'd pick them up hoping that I would want them. She payed a whopping 50 cents per can and brought them home. Her son, an ex-collector, thought they were cool and asked his mom if he could keep one. Sure, why not, since they're so darn cheap anyway! So I was able to buy 2 of her 50 cent cans at $50.00 per can, a very nice price to me and an excellent mark-up for her. I started bugging her for that 3rd can from the day I bought the other 2. Lucky for me that her son eventually decided he'd rather have $50 than the can, and he sold it to me and pocketed the cash. I'm pretty sure those were the first clean OI cans that I'd ever seen. I had no problem moving the cans and quickly sold/traded the 2 extras away. I still have the best one on the shelf A1+/1+ bottom opened example. Now if I could only pick up the matching bock can!