Here is one of my most wanted cans!! Could use one in any Condition!!
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The Great Beer can Finds
Rosalie Find by Dan Baker
Dan is from the Chicago area and is a member of the BCCA and the Rusty Bunch Chapters.
About 1985 some of the older BCCA guys went down to Louisiana looking for the Tiger and the Rosalie cans. They met up with the son of the man who used to deliver the Tiger cans and the kid (now an adult) remembers these cans and where they were delivered to. So the BCCA'ers put an add in the papers trying to aquire this Tiger can and to no prevail!!

This took them down to Church Point,LA. and to the Church Point Grocers, where they met up with this man who was still working at the Church Point Grocers and has been there for 40 years.

This man said he had found some can in the rafters and had kept them!! Well one of them was a Rosalie!!!!!!!!! He was not a collector, but wanted a lot of money for this can in 1985, so they passed on this can. This man was the buyer of liquor and he remembers going to Chicago and they loaded up 2 box cars of Rosalie!! He said that they only got a minimal amount,as the other cases all went to another small town in Louisiana.

So anyway one of these BCCA'ers told me about the Rosalie can from 1985 and I asked if he thought he still had this can. He doubted it,but gave me his number anyway and sure enough he still had it in a air tight baggie and the price had gone way down!!! So in April of 2000 the can was finally bought. This was a well kept secret for many years!!! I listed this can on EBAY to be FAIR to the finder of this can, because he will get half. I could not afford to give him what he deserved and I know I will never own another!.....Or maybe I will!!!

EDITORS NOTE---The can that is pictured in the USBC book was never filled with beer!! There were about 5 dumpers found in east Texas around 1978 and probably less than 10 known!! No dumpers found since!! 3 of these cans were brought in to a Chicago Beer Can Show by a non-collector in the late 1970's, but have never been seen since!----------------- STILL THIS IS A SUPER RARE CAN!!!!