Here is one of my most wanted cans!! Could use one in any Condition!!
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Great Beer Can Finds
Legend of The Coneheaded Carp by Barry Travis
EDITORS NOTE--When Barry aquired these cans(via-internet)he was stumped on why corks were attached to the cones(wiered)!! So Barry asked him why the corks and here is the sellers reply!! The Picture below is before cleaning as most cleaned up in on-grade condition! Barry is from Minnesota and a member of the BCCA and the North Star Chapter.
The corks were to keep water out. My friend used them for fishing lakes and farm ponds,each would have a leader with a hook attached,baited and tossed over the side. They floated untill the fish bit. Then we would go and retrieve the fish and go on fishing with rods untill the next one started bobbing. I originally had over 100 cans. Several years ago, I wanted to get back into black powder guns and did not have the money to buy them. I sold enough for the money I needed and kept the rest untill now. My children would probably trash them as they have no interest in collecting anything. I am reaching an age to think about what is important to them! EDITORS NOTE--The other 70+ cans were probably sold for $5.00 each--OUCH!!