Here is one of my most wanted cans!! Could use one in any Condition!!
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Great Beer Can Finds
Silver Growler Crowntainers found by Barry Travis
Barry Travis is from Minnesota and is a member of the BCCA,The Rusty Bunch and The North Star Chapter's.
When I was a kid (in the mid seventies), My Dad enjoyed looking for (and drinking) the cans we'd find when liquor stores had collector cans that were full. He would take weekly trips to Hormel,MN. to drop off truckloads of hogs in Austin MN.

There was an old time "general Store" on the way in Hayfield,MN. called "Nickel Pete's". The owner was about blind, and was going to have an auction in the coming months to sell his inventory. My Dad asked him about beer stuff. He had some bottles that he remembered, and then asked him to help him move some stuff.

He unearthed an original six pack of Gluek's silver growler crowntainers...still the box from underneath the counter!! He claimed he'd bought them off the truck and had them since. The Price?? A reasonable TEN DOLLARS...which started my ongoing interest in Gluek's Beer, and taught me that it's NOT pronounced GLOOKS, it's Glix-the beer that speaks for itself. Because when it is poured out of the bottle, it goes..Gilc,Glic,Glic!!

And yes, even though there was sediment and unidentified chunks when emptied, he intertained the thought of trying the beer inside.