Here is one of my most wanted cans!! Could use one in any Condition!!
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  KOOL KAN'S by Brent Gesland
I am a collector of Antique Beer Can's and I am a member of the following GREAT Chapters-----BCCA(#21117)--Rusty Bunch(#519)
I created this site to be fun and entertaining so I hope you enjoy the visit!! Please check out my other links as there are some KOOL STUFF there!

Post-War bottles from the Sioux City Brewery Co.(closed 1959) Sioux City,Ia.

I am always looking to add a beer can to my collection and I also pay top dollars as long as it does not break the bank!! Since I am not a DEALER and just a collector, I will guarantee that beer can will have a nice home if you ever decide to sell!

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