Here is one of my most wanted cans!! Could use one in any Condition!!
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Hudepohl 3.2% J-Spout
Here is a collection any one would be PROUD to own!
Here is a Great Collection from a Cincinnati,OH. Collector!! The can on the top left is a one of a kind can!! There are not any dumpers known, just this RARE can!! This can is best known as THE DOOR STOP CAN! This can was purchased from a grandson of a gentleman who was a loyal Hudepohl drinker, and after the guy emptied the can in the late 30's, he filled it with sand and put the original cap back on the can, and proceeded to use the can as a doorstop in his garage for 40+ years. After the old man passed away and his family was over cleaning out the house preparing to put it on the market, the grandson discovered this can and decided to keep it instead of throwing it away as he thought it was pretty cool. For several years in the collecting circles,this can was thought to have been produced but no proof had ever been found.